Other Dangers

Citric acid can be hiding in the strangest places.  Here are some things to watch out for!

(I say dear Watson: since when does citric acid hide THERE?!)

Cleaning Chemicals
Why?  Many cleaners are either citrus scented or contain citrus oils.
What to do: Get really good at holding your breath (no seriously, I can go up two flights of stairs and down a hallway!), and rinse out your sinuses with saline spray after an exposure.

Soaps in public bathrooms
Why?  All of them contain citric acid.  Yes, all of them.
What to do: Carry around some ninja-friendly hand sanitizer.

Why?  Some vinyls are plasticized with citric acid.
What to do: Wash your hands if touching something causes symptoms.

That waxy paper in the bottom of raw meat trays
Why? It often has citric acid in it to prevent bacterial growth.
What to do: Wash the meat thoroughly before you cook it.

Saran Wrap
Why? It’s made from acetyltributyl citrate, which is derived from citric acid.
What to do: Glad Wrap is made from polyethylene, so it’s safe for ninjas. So don’t get mad, get Glad 😉

Biodegradable “plant” plastic
Why? This may or may not be an issue for other ninjas, but is an issue for me. The plant material in the bottles seems to leech into the water and cause me to have reactions.
What to do: Don’t buy products with plant plastic. If you have no other options, keep the leeching to a minimum by keeping the bottle out of the sun and heat.