Body Products

Body products can be hard to find when you’re a ninja-in-training.  Here is a list of products that have been recommended by your fellow ninjas.  Remember: always read the label when you buy your products.  Ingredients may vary by region or change without notice!

(NB: the above photo is not an endorsement of grape facials, unless grapes are within your tolerance.)

Free of all Citric Acid
These products are free of citric acid, citrates, and ingredients derived from natural citric acid sources.

Aveeno Baby daily moisturizer
Vanicream skin cream
Terressentials fragrance-free Pure Earth hair wash
Huggies Natural Care baby wipes
Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
Crystal deodorant
Terressentials fragrance-free deodorant

Free of Synthetic Citric Acid
These products are free of synthetic citric acid and citrates, but have ingredients derived from citric acid-containing sources.  The products above should also be safe for ninjas who can use these products.

Kirk’s bar soap
Palmer’s products
Prell shampoo
Tom’s Cavity Protection toothpaste
Spry toothpaste

If you have any favorite ninja-safe products, please submit them here!