Vitamins and Supplements

Depending on your tolerance level, you may find your diet sorely lacking certain nutrients.  Here are some “safe” supplements recommended by your fellow ninjas; they are free of citric acid, citrates, and ingredients derived from natural citric acid sources.

Remember, always read the label when buying a product; ingredients can vary by region or change without notice!

Calcium is very tricky, as calcium citrate is a popular form to use in supplements. Look for supplements with calcium carbonate.
Walgreens Calcium + D Plus Minerals

Fish Oil
Nature’s Way Fisol

Nature’s Way Potassium Chelate

Vitamin B
Twinlab Stress B-Complex Caps

Vitamin C
A common misconception is that Vitamin C is citric acid- actually, it is ascorbic acid! However, this does not mean that all Vitamin C supplements are safe for ninjas. Many contain citric acid or citrates, or contain ingredients derived from natural citric acid sources.
Twinlab Allergy C Caps

If you have any favorite ninja-safe products, please submit them here!