About the Lemon Ninja

I am a ninja who avoids citric acid like… well, a ninja.

More specifically, I’m a 28 year-old who has spent the last 8 years trying to stay alive by staying away from citric acid.  At my worst, I could not be anywhere near someone who had been in a restaurant; the smell from their clothes would cause my throat to swell, my muscles to stop working, and my brain to turn off.  Presently, all foods on “the list” are off-limits and I still react to some smells.

How I’m still alive is a bit of a mystery, which has led me to the incontrovertible conclusion that I must actually be a ninja.

In addition to ninjahood, my life consists of knitting, taking pictures of everything, and eating chocolate.  I majored in neuroscience, play the flute, love volunteering, and hope to someday pursue a career in healthcare.  Either that or I’ll blow off the whole thing and be one of those people who writes your name on a grain of rice at the fair.  My record is 11 letters.