Terms of Use

I am:

  • In a life-or-death battle with citric acid
  • Somehow still alive
  • Probably a ninja

I am not:

  • A doctor
  • A nutritionist
  • Any sort of professional with any sort of authority whatsoever
  • You
  • Omniscient

Keeping all that in mind…

  • I love answering questions and learning new things, so please feel free to comment on the blog with general questions, email with more personal questions, and share your experience and findings
  • What I’ve found in my research and personal experience may or may not apply to you
  • Please use this site as a guide on your journey to ninjahood, not as an infallible font of absolute truth or a replacement for professional advice
  • Remember: only YOU can prevent forest fires decide what’s safe for you
  • As always, when life gives you lemons, RUN!

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