Jim Benton Gets Me


Thank you for this beautiful work of ninja art, Jim.

7 thoughts on “Jim Benton Gets Me

  1. It took me years to discover that citric acid was totally responsible for my very painful and frequent canker soars.I have been avoiding the “biggies” for some time now (read all labels) and seldom have canker soars. Thank you for this web site and the “list”.. Now I am wondering if I have other symptoms from this citric acid allergy that I have not yet tied to citric acid. Like yesterday I was so tired all day – “for no reason”. I will keep your list of citric acid foods and watch for other connections.

    • Hi Ninja Dianne – glad you find the list helpful! Fatigue can definitely be a symptom of citric acid issues, but it can also be a symptom of a billion other things. It might be helpful for you to keep a daily journal of everything you eat and do and how you feel, so you can look back for patterns – sometimes symptoms can take a day or more to show up, so they are tricky to pin down. Hope you figure out what’s causing it! Sending you positive, lemon-free vibes!

  2. Tracking your information with gratitude. I found I had CA intolerance from eczema a while back by diarising and got some cream from my dr. I have mostly managed to keep that under control. But every now and then it sneaks through in hidden ways. Recently I had a bout along with stomach issues after eating fresh pineapple. Whew! A dreadful experience so I am adding that to the list along with lemons and limes. Oddly though, I can eat raspberries that rate high on the list you have made.
    Anyway, thanks for the informative blog and I will pass it on to others.

    • Hi Ninja Christine!

      Firstly, eczema is the worst thing that can possibly happen to a human being. I salute you, brave ninja, for surviving that.

      Yes, pineapple is one that tends to cause problems for lots of ninjas. There are some people who have weird exceptions, which may have something to do with the way they eat these foods (do you eat raspberries with sugar or chocolate? these seem to be common offsets for many ninjas). For example, back when my allergy was just starting to get bad, I could eat dried apricots with chocolate long after I could eat pretty much any other lower ranking fruit. I didn’t realize at the time, but now I’m suspicious that the chocolate was the reason I could eat them – more on that in January 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading, for commenting, for your kind words, and for sharing information with others! You’re awesome.


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