Survey of Science

Greetings Ninjas in Training!

Many of you have been sending me emails that pose a very important scientific question: can ninjas eat chocolate?

I have been dutifully scouring food science journals in search of an answer, knowing how desperately you need this potentially life-sustaining knowledge.

While I’m flattered that my little ninjalings need their sensei/geek monkey, turns out I need a little help from you too!  So now I pose a question: can you eat chocolate?

Think about the last time you ate chocolate. It is important that this chocolate did not contain any added citric acid, or soy lecithin if that is something you react to. With that experience in mind, please answer this poll:

You can refer to this page if you’re not sure what your tolerance is. The units in the poll – % citric acid – are the same as the units on the page – g citric acid per 100 g of food. A percent sign is just much more concise for fancy science polls. If you’re still figuring out your exact tolerance, no worries, just pick your best guess!

Thanks my darling ninjas! That is all for now.

Until next time, when life gives you lemons, RUN!
The Lemon Ninja

2 thoughts on “Survey of Science

    • Thanks for your comment, TCO Ninja! I have had the same experience with Enjoy Life brand, and my tolerance is zero. Good to know someone else with a low tolerance can still eat chocolate!
      (I’m still working on my research, ninjalings! The information I seek is rather elusive…)

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