Villainous Vanilla

Greetings ninjas in training-

We interrupt this hiatus to bring you a piece of information I have long sought after. After years of research, we can conclude that vanilla probably contains citric acid.



Translation: we did a fancy science test, but we were to lazy to figure out all eight of the major results.

Since I can’t post gifs from my phone, I’m reduced to rolling my eyes via a link

Soooooo, we’re pretty sure citric acid is in there somewhere?

That’s all for now, ninjalings. Thanks for all the love and support on my journey to becoming immortal! Lots of love back at you, and until next time, when life gives you lemons, RUN!!!


5 thoughts on “Villainous Vanilla

    • If only I had this many marriage proposals in real life… 😛

      Thanks for the suggestion! I do react to corn, but it is because of the CA content, not the corn proteins. Some ninjas may have both CA allergies and corn allergies- double allergies can make things doubly confusing! Some ninjas may actually only be ninjas *because* of a corn allergy, i.e. they react to synthetic CA because it is manufactured by feeding corn to mold. Delicious, no?

  1. Citric acid makes my skin break out. I always check ingredients when I buy things & if I see citric acid it goes back. Some things, most recently plain croissants are fine from one grocery store chain, but I asked my brother to pick some up for me one morning at a different store & though they tasted perfectly fine my skin broke out, as if I was a teenager. I looked at ingredients & that chain had citric acid in them.

    I never eat tomato sauce unless I made from one or two canned tomato brands that don’t have it listed.
    My favorite French mustard that I only use on the 2-3 times per summer I actually want to eat Angus Beef hot dogs & my skin broke out last week. I looked at ingredients in Angus beef franks & they had none, it’s the mustard. I like that mustard better than the Angus beef franks.
    Another lesson learned.

    • Hi Ninja Carol!

      Yeah, label reading is a definite must. The same food item can vary dangerously by brand, and even within the brand! Ingredients can change without notice, or may be different depending on which factory the food was manufactured in.

      As for your mustard experience, if you’ve eaten it before and the ingredients haven’t changed, I’m highly suspicious of the franks. Processed meat can have all kinds of stuff hidden in there – spices can have citric acid, as can the ingredient “natural flavors.” Many, many meat manufacturers use citric acid or citrates in their sanitizing wash on their meats, and this will NOT be on the label – you have to call and ask. I’d highly recommend doing so if this mustard is important to you 🙂

      That being said, if you react to natural citric acid in addition to synthetic, it is also possible that your tolerance has changed. Mustard can have any number of CA-containing ingredients including wine, beer, turmeric, chili peppers, vinegar, and corn syrup. Keep your radar up to see if you have any other unexpected reactions, and cross-reference the ingredients of the new reaction with the ingredients of your mustard.

      Thanks for reading, and have a lemon-free day!

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