Did you know: America is not the only place with internet

Greetings, lemon ninjas in training!

I have been doing many a happy dance over all of the ninja-tific e-mails I’ve received the past couple of days.  One e-mail caught me by surprise: it was from an awesome ninja in training who lives in this magical land called Canada, eh, where some soft drinks are not made with corn syrup.

This e-mail made me curious for a more specific answer to the question in my last post, “Where did all of you come from?!!”  So I checked my blog stats, and did this:

Okay, so you come from a lot of places!  This is the part where I apologize for assuming that no one outside the US would ever read this.  Actually I thought no one in the universe would read it, but that’s beside the point.

While most information on this site is universal, there are some things (e.g. food label regulations, general meat industry practices, and vitamin/body product brands) that are specific to my home country.  I’d like to work towards making this site more multinational, but in order to do that, sensei needs a little help from her students!

I just figured out this fancy poll thing, so it seems super cool and shiny and I’m going to use it for one question:

(If you could please put what country you’re from in the “Other” box, that would be helpful!)

Just kidding, I lied.  I’m going to use it for two:

Perhaps I should elaborate: “the list” of citric acid content in foods is from Australia.  I’ve found there are many foods not on the list that still contain citric acid, and I’m sure there are even more such foods for those of you in countries where they eat more than cheeseburgers.  After many years of unfortunate incidents, I’ve developed some specific strategies for deciding whether or not a food item is safe.  It’s not foolproof, but I like to think it’s better than just randomly stuffing things in my mouth and seeing what happens.  (That was my old strategy.  Self-directed ninja training is hazardous.)

Thanks again for all of the excellent feedback and questions! I’ll keep updating, and as always… when life gives you lemons, RUN!

The Lemon Ninja

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