Wax On, Wax Off (as long as it’s not lemon-scented)

Greetings, Ninjas in Training!

Apologies for not updating this website for approximately 1.5 centuries.  After a long health crisis in the family, I returned here in hopes of distraction… and boy did I find it.

Where did all of you come from?!!  I was all excited when I left and this site had 36 views… now it’s over 3,100.  I feel like I should do some sort of awesome flip thing in appreciation, but as I doubt the gymnastics-watching marathons I’ve been having will translate into actual skill…

That's totally me

I’ve updated the site instead.

Your guidebook to ninjahood now includes better instructions on label reading, a few new “safe foods,” more ingredients on the label-watch list, and some new recipes.

I will continue to update in the coming months with more recipes, ingredients to avoid, and other ninja-related fun.  I’m hoping to start a page with resources on different “treatments” I and your fellow ninjas in training have tried, including sublingual antigen therapy, alkalizing your diet, DAO, adjusting your sugar intake, and more.  If you have any links to good resources on these or other treatments you’ve tried, please send them to me so I can include them.

I’d also love to hear about more of your favorite products or recipes!  Please know that if I don’t post your recipe, it’s not because I dislike it- I will only post recipes that are 100% free of citric acid for the time being, but I may eventually put up a page with low citric acid recipes.

As always, constructive feedback on anything is welcome.  This site is for you to earn your ninja katana, so I want to make it shiny and useful to you.

That’s all for now. Until we meet again… when life gives you lemons, RUN!
The Lemon Ninja

PS- This is a katana:

Kill ALL the lemons!You know you want one.

4 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off (as long as it’s not lemon-scented)

  1. Hi, over the last two weeks I have finally got to the culprit of my allergy…citric acid…. 😦 . Your site is very helpful to me but I would like to know why you have not mentioned fish? Is it an allowed protein? And boy do I have alot to learn about the hidden words of citric acid…unbelievable where you find it also.

    • Hey there fishing ninja! Great question- I am going to address this in a blog post! And yes, citric acid is sneaky. I know the training period is hard, but I promise it gets easier with time, and soon you will be back to being an unstoppable force of awesome.

  2. Hi Lemon Ninja,

    Hope you are well. It has been several months since I wrote. Your site is more awesome than ever. I have searched the web high and low for citric acid allergies and yours is the most informative by a mile!

    I thought I was cheating Citric acid for years in soft drinks by drinking Dr. Pepper and Coke which do not have citric acid. I recently found out that they use Sodium Benzoate as a preservative in their drinks instead. For me they are not as bad as citric acid (which affects me within 30 minutes). These drinks instead take about 2 hours before I feel the effects of them.

    Just a couple of questions. First is what kind of Dr. do you see? and second is do people also have MSG and Gluten allergies like I have?

    Thanks again for your site. It is good to know I am not the only person in the world going thru this.

    Honey Ninja
    (As you named me)

    • Greetings Honey Ninja!

      Good to hear from you again 🙂

      That’s interesting about the Dr. Pepper and Coke – many years ago I tried to get info on Dr. Pepper but ran into the whole “proprietary information” ridiculousness. I’d caution you and other ninjas to be wary of drinks that contain corn syrup (which definitely has citric acid and is not good for lower tolerance ninjas) and/or “natural flavors,” which can include citric acid because apparently products of mold fermentation count as natural. Ew.

      Regarding doctors, I have a wonderful allergist who has stuck by me through this madness since it started. It can be hard to find doctors who believe you, but they are out there! I’m also seeing a homeopath and am hoping that the other health issues he’s addressing will resolve and, in turn, resolve my citric acid issues. I’ll keep you all updated on that!

      As for other allergies, I have heard of other ninjas who have one or both issues. Though I’m not particularly well-read on the subject, I have noticed some people saying synthetic citric acid may contain traces of MSG because both are processed using corn and, since manufacturers don’t bother to remove every trace of corn (or mold) before processing the citric acid, some of the corn may be hydrolyzed into MSG during processing. Again, I’ve not really investigated that myself, but it might be something interesting for you to look in to!

      Have a lemon-free day,

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